La Cote – The Background Story

  It was one of the first titles I wrote for this LP. The Red Thread was already clear. The sea has carried you to the beach on this unreal island. You get… Continue reading

Hover Jungle – based on a vision ….

  So, you walk across this island. The sun lights dark orange in the evening as you see the entrance to this cave. You walk inside. Branches crack under your feet, bats fly… Continue reading

Release date 12. July 2013

“… there is this clearing in the middle of the forest with strange but friendly creatures. First you fear a little, because to trust each other caused hurts in our world, but then… Continue reading

Album Preview

With ‘Carbon Islands’, Peter Haubfleisch releases the fifth album of his project Fresh Moods. As early as 1996, the producer drew attention with titles such as ‘Rhythmbreeze’ and ‘Shiny Cage’ in the successful… Continue reading

Fresh Moods – Senses (Album: Carbon Islands No. 5)

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Cover ready for the new LP

        Our mission was to find some surreal, but real, natural, but bionic, sweet, but healthy and at least symbolic for this new age. Thanks to nicorocket. An open mind in photography coupled… Continue reading

Artist portrait by photographer Thomas Wolfzettel

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